Wednesday, 6 November 2013

6x Mass Production - Early WIP, reskin and rewrite

Here is some work in progress of the next (2nd) iteration of 6-fold Mass Production. The art style is completely not decided on and the pixelart is just stuff I put in because I needed to have a not crap looking game (if you think this looks rough, you should have seen the first version!)

For those unacquainted, 6x Mass Production is a puzzle game about moving and connecting parts with ingenious mixes of mechanical arms, welders and splitters. You start with some base parts (or one big base part), move them, weld them (or split them) to form some other desired construction.

So anyway, here is what I've gotten so far. Looks-wise there's not much going on, but the GUI system is in the process of a complete and utter overhaul, like 5% of the original GUI code survived... and I doubt that 5% will be too safe for long. Fortunately I was able to keep a lot of the core mechanical stuff in place (which is good because it was a bitch to write and I'm fearing the day that I might have to rewrite it). Also a playable alpha is on the way (no promises when just yet :p I have a pretty cool full time job so this is strictly on my spare time), I've only spent about 5-6 evenings on the rewrite and already I'm racing ahead. So for now here is a link to the old prototype

The basic game so far - no parts to grab yet, the code is there, it's just not hooked up yet... also I've only just recoded up the part which allows me to make compound parts (trust me, it needed recoding). Also you'll notice context buttons on the grabber and on the instruction list. This is experimental but I think it's going to work out

Also more Hexels fun! I don't have an artist, so my little placeholder stuff will do for now :D
One of the arms on the grabber, it dawned on my far too late that the arms only move up and down, no swiveling on the edges... rookie error but this is just placeholder. Also glow effect for win!
I wanted something slightly more interesting than a simple clamp. This spider looking design just kinda happened when I was trying out different orientations and such

The arms and clamps are loosely based off this picture:

Again, I was a bit hasty and realised that copying the swivel hinges on this sort of mechanical arm was not actually what the grabbers in the game should have since they only extend and retract (for now)

Friday, 1 November 2013

Chronoland - Trading time

I made a game!

So this was for the monthly Make Games South Africa Competition (the 'E'th edition) where the constraint was to make a game that lasts less than 5 minutes. Since time was precious I thought it would be a fun idea to try make a resource. I incidentally also always have wanted to make a Crimsonland clone so the two were put together and bam!

A majority of the initial work was done over one weekend with about good 6 hour stint extra to finish up what I could. I would like to continue work on this but I'm keen to get back to my other projects.

>>> Here is the link to the webplayer to give it a shot! <<<
For my Linux friends, here's a version that'll work in Ubuntu